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Burning Man 2008: A Photo Essay by Matt Freedman

Our first book, Now Available as a free download on the iTunes App Store.

Burning Man is not only the world's most unique and visually spectacular cultural event, but the nexus for a worldwide community that exists all year long. It is a temporary city of 50,000 people which leaves absolutely no trace when it is gone. It is about radical self-reliance in a harsh but incredibly beautiful desert environment, and radical self-expression in a gift-based economy.

This book features over 300 extraordinary photographs from Burning Man 2008, along with four essays, including Matt's 4,000 word guide to photography at Burning Man. See Matt's site for sample images, essay excerpts, and more. Or, just get the app now on the iTunes App Store.

Planet Ice

Our second book, Now Available on the iTunes App Store.

What the ice tells us about the past may help us understand its future – and ours – on Earth. As ancient ice melts and retreats, our planet is changing – rapidly. The Planet Ice iPhone app documents the beauty and power of ice and its unique role in revealing the condition of our planet. Glaciers and ice fields are critical to the health of our world, and we are making them disappear.

Pairing over 150 striking photographs by James Martin with essays by Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard, polar bear expert Ian Stirling, ice scientist Richard Alley, glaciologist Gino Casassa, and noted writers Broughton Coburn and Nick Jans, Planet Ice illuminates the profound connection between ice – a substance at once mutable and forceful – and the well-being of the global community.

This app is based on Planet Ice large format printed coffee table book, and is being released in partnership with that book's publisher, Braided River, and JUST CAUSE Magazine.

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