Coffee Table Books for the iPhone

Each Monkfish Labs coffee table book is an app that runs on the iPhone or iPod Touch (see our current book list). Features include:

  • A slick, simple to use photo viewer with optional full screen mode, "flick" paging, and slideshows.
  • Every photo is keyword tagged for easy access by category.
  • Every photo has an informative caption, which can be displayed or left hidden.
  • User selectable favorites, for quick retrieval.
  • A text essay reader, with settable font size and auto-rotation. The essays can be plain text, or full html with formatting and embedded images.
  • You can try out the platform for yourself by downloading Burning Man 2008: A Photo Essay by Matt Freedman for free, or just watch the two minute video tour of the app below...

Screen shot 2010-03-03 at 11.10.23 AM

mRelease: Model Releases for the iPhone

Designed for filmmakers and photographers, mRelease makes getting releases easier than you ever thought it could be. Appearance Release (a.k.a. Model Release or Talent Release), Property Release, Location Release, and Crew Release are all included.